Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The seductive media !

The seductive media

When a dangerously attractive woman is there in any office as the centre of attraction of every one, the very direction of the office functioning gets altered considerably - - -men neglect their otherwise rational behaviour. The productivity slackens. Priorities change. Seeking her attention becomes an involuntary  priority for one and all.

Media’s avatar in its present strength and centrality has all the resemblance to the above office situation in the world today. Compelling governments to ignore the main business of country governance, she (the media) make governments to act for the specialized frame-work of  media demands. She is well aware of her power of seduction, hence, no one can easily ignore her.

 Main stream politics, thus, has become a media exercise first and foremost. Reality is forced to withdraw into closed room affairs, away from public eye. What leaders officially communicate for the media  becomes artificial realities for citizens, and the mainstream world ! Thus, the world depicted by the  media becomes virtually a parallel world of synthetic realities, a world- not of TRUTHS- but merely that of ‘reported’ truths !

Political players intentionally create situations and dramas to attract her attention. More than real performance, playing of successful games for media has become every one’s central priority. She has her likes, dislikes, and special choices. 

The ones who do not play her type of games before the camera are not her favourites. They get ignored from the mainstream soon, or even turn Media's enemy, as proved in the case of US President Trump (January 2017); he openly shunned Media, and Media declared a kind of war on him. Media put up a challenge to President Trump, that without media, he may not be able to establish his positive 'presence' in the world! World is watching with great interest, how would this strange war end! 

This extra attraction towards media attention appears to be a phenomenon more peculiar to former 3rd world countries, wherein, showing face before the camera is equal to finding a new identity for oneself. The charm of the magic light is irresistible. Even ordinary people indulge in any odd act and behaviour, to grab media attention. Eating live snakes, or glass pieces, or dragging cars, and even airplanes on strings tied to one’s teeth etc. are common tactics for gaining media attention. 

The seductive attraction of the camera is a vicious reality in the modern world.

The mainstream world is a synthetic world in the modern age, with its actors and characters ( political, cinema, sports celebrities etc.) develop special mannerisms and expressions to behave and talk for the media. They have a different face and personality for the camera. The real face of life for these mainstream collective world characters lies hidden, un-known to the world.

Thus, the world product presented by the media is a specialized sphere, as already  mentioned above. The ones out side the mainstream realm, the common men, when attempt to relate themselves to the above synthetic world product, disfigure their personality too in the act.  

To bring back the world in to sanity, either the media have to realize the danger in holding herself in dangerous charm, making the world and its men fooling themselves, or the people should grow-up into maturity, not to be played into the hands of media’s seductive charm. The first option is what rationally expected from media’s end, as the second option of peoples themselves maturing to resist the charm of camera will take many more years to take place.

conceptualized by: Abraham J.Palakudy

He is an ardent seeker and researcher on Mind, Reason, Philosophy,Spirituality and Polity
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